Brightiom Inc. was founded with the mission to create a business model where cognitive training, machine learning and e-learning are offered in one place to corporations and professionals to deliver the following end goals:

  1. Provide, via LearningRx, cognitive training (throughout One-on-One training programs) that works on strengthening the cognitive skills responsible for learning, remembering, processing information and attention. The rigorous One-on-One brain training programs provided by LearningRx are designed to help adults and professionals optimize their cognitive performance at daily work and throughout the pursuit of their learning goals;
  2. Promote, develop, provide and implement artificial intelligence and cognitive computing solutions, via Brightiom LegAlitIcs, for legal and finance professionals in various business industries with key focus on energy sector. Brightiom LegAlitIcs has a specific mission to work closely with legal, marketing, risk and finance departments, groups and organizations (including but not limited to law firms, in-house counsels, financial institutions, compliance professionals, law enforcement agencies and regulators, insurers and risk groups) to provide artificial intelligence-powered applications to automate legal and financial processes. These solutions will be designed, developed and implemented in order to optimize time and cost efficiency of legal and contract risk management using machine learning and natural language processing techniques. 
  3. Provides unique, innovative and enriching e-learning experience, via Brightiom Mentor, for lawyers, in-house legal counsels from all business backgrounds. Brightiom Mentor offers state-of-art legal & business learning experience that integrate mentoring with problem-solving approach to help lawyers and in-house counsels deliver their legal performance with business excellence. We offer our users the opportunity to develop their legal knowledge and skills by interacting with specific legal and business situations throughout out our e-learning library. Our users learn how to apply problem solving-driven thinking & risk-based approach towards providing business-oriented solutions to their management teams and clients. In addition to the e-learning experience, Brightiom Mentor also offers lawyers and in-house counsels the opportunity to take their knowledge of business and legal issues to a different level throughout the Mentor Connect (Active Link). Users of Mentor Connect can further enrich their learning experience by connecting with one or more Mentors (active link) and have one-on-one mentoring experience for a limited period of time.