Brightiom LegAlitIcs

Brightiom LegAlitIcs is responsible for providing, promoting, developing and implementing artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and business intelligence solutions for legal and finance professionals in various industries with key focus on energy sector.

Our mission is to work closely with business support functions to identify the right sets of data for developing machine and deep learning-based applications to automate legal, supply chain, finance, treasury, contractual, marketing and risk management processes using the customer’s own data. We treat customers’ data in strict confidence.

Our AI-powered solutions are designed and built to deliver the following results to our customers:

  1. Automated output for support functions to optimize performance and efficiency
  2. Automated review of legal and contract documents in line with the customer’s internal policies and procedures
  3. Cost optimization and efficient time management of support functions’ resources
  4. Data analytics for better enterprise risk management and strategic decision making
  5. Elimination or reduction of human error in documents review
  6. Elimination or reduction of routine and administrative tasks
  7. Innovative design of business support tools

Our current AI-powered solutions are BidAlpha and CovAlpha