Brightiom Mentor

Our current business world is full of highly complex business situations that pose many legal and compliance challenges driven by management need to find the right business solution without compromising any legal risks. Such legal and compliance challenges require innovative & business-driven thinking from lawyers and in-house counsels while providing legal advice to their business clients. In a highly dynamic business environment where management teams expect their legal peers to effortlessly learn the business situation, quickly pinpoint the underlying legal issue and provide the best business solution from legal perspective, lawyers and in-house counsels lack the resources that help them deliver legal performance with business excellence. This is what Brightiom Mentor is created for.

Brightiom Mentor provides unique, innovative and enriching e-learning experience for lawyers, in-house legal counsels of all business backgrounds. It provides state-of-art legal & business learning experience that combines problem-solving approach with business thinking to help lawyers and in-house counsels deliver their legal performance with business excellence. We offer our users the opportunity to develop their legal knowledge and skills by interacting with specific legal and business situations throughout out our e-learning library. Our users learn how to apply problem solving-driven thinking & risk-based approach towards providing business-oriented solutions to their management teams and clients.

Our E-learning video library contains innovative, interactive and enriching materials authored by Brightiom Mentor and reviewed by top legal and business professionals.

Brightiom Mentor also offers lawyers and in-house counsels the opportunity to take their knowledge of business and legal issues to a different level throughout the Mentor Connect . Users of Mentor Connect can further enrich their learning experience by connecting with one or more Mentors and have one-on-one mentoring experience for a limited period of time. The Mentor Connect is available for law firms who wish to offer innovative and enriching career development learning to their clients. The Mentor Connect is also available to individual business and legal professionals who wish to enrich their career experience by seeking mentoring from our Mentors.

Our Mentors are highly intellectual professionals with deep professional experience and passion to mentor people.

To learn more about our Learning Library and Mentor Connect, please contact us.